The Gordian Review is pleased to announce that we are looking for new and talented voices!

We are accepting submissions of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry for our 2017-18 issue until November 30, 2017.


When you submit to our online literary magazine, we ask that you, please, follow our guidelines.

1. We can only review your prose and verse if you submit to us through Submittable. You may notice that we do charge a small fee of $2.00 to submit, but if you have issues with funding, please, contact us. Depending on your circumstances, we might be able to waive the fee or work with you. We do not want to perpetuate this notion that money talks. Here, we believe art speaks.

2. We want a cover letter with your submission. What you should include is: your full name, your student ID number, your university or college name, your program that you are enrolled in, and your email.

3. We care about formatting. All submissions should follow MLA formatting, in that they are typed in 12 point Times New Roman font, have the page numbers, and a header with your name and email. We prefer content, especially prose, to can be double spaced.

4. We have limits. For prose, please do not exceed 25 pages. Though, we will still read and consider longer entries. For verse, please do not submit more than five poems per entry. Length of the poems do not matter. If you desire to submit to more than one category, feel free. All that we ask is that you submit only once to each category.

5. We do not accept simultaneous submissions and previous published work.

6. We welcome experimental work. In fact, there are no restrictions on subject matter and form.

7. Quality always matters. We welcome you to submit your best writing.